Frequently asked questions

What is your writing focus?

Most of my copywriting and content marketing work is in the financial services, property and health sectors. This work typically involves re-writing websites for clients; interviewing customers and writing case studies; and writing lead magnets, such as e-books, for customers or stakeholders to download online. I also write white papers, opinion pieces and sales pages for clients. While I am occasionally approached to write journalism and commentary, my web commerfcial writing takes up most of my time these days. If you need another kind of copywriter — someone who specialises in social media or even PR — let me know and I can refer someone to you.

Do you have staff helping you?

While I use virtual assistants for administrative tasks, the copywriting is done by me alone. In this way, I am able to give my clients’ projects the full attention they deserve, while I get to focus on what I love most: writing copy.

How much do you charge?

I make sure I have a solid understanding of the scope of the project before I quote, as no two jobs are exactly the same. For a full list of my prices, email me at

Do you charge by the hour or project?

I charge by project, rather than time or word count, based on the scope of the work required.

Can we meet face to face?

Most clients find that their needs are adequately met through Zoom meetings, although if a client has a project that is better served by a face-to-face meeting then I simply add a travel charge to the project, which will be detailed in the quote.

What process do you follow?

Once I have a good understanding of your copy needs, I will send a formal quote across. Once the deposit has been paid on that accepted quote, I will send you an agreement to sign that outlines what you should expect from me, timelines and what is included in the scope of the project. Then I will get started!

Will we own the copyright to the work?

Once the balance of the copywriting work has been paid, the copyright to the work is all yours.

How do I know if I need a lead magnet?

If you have customers, clients or stakeholders then the chances are you need a lead magnet. E-books are a great way to attract new clients and speak to stakeholders in a non-spammy way. They also build trust and authority. They provide the customer with information that is helpful to them, and it gives you, the client, a new email subscriber when they download the guide. E-books can also be optimised for SEO, and are a cost-effective source of “evergreen” content for a website pop up or on your sales landing page.

How much notice do you need before we can work together?

It’s best to book in about a month before you need the work to start. While I can occasionally fit jobs in at short notice, I also charge rush fees of 30 per cent loading for super-fast turnarounds.

How long does copywriting take?

Website re-writes can often be done within a fortnight, while e-books may take slightly longer depending on the scope of the work. Blog posts based on desktop research can often be turned around in the same week, while interview-based case studies take a little longer.

I have lots of ongoing projects. Do you offer retainers?

I offer a select amount of retainers a year to clients who require a regular flow of copy work. This can range from five hours to 20 hours per month, and are often best suited to case studies. I recommend we try each other out for a few months, before moving to a retainer model if it is a good fit.

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