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about me…


… But I am the best person to tell your story

  • I have twenty years’ experience as a journalist, headline writer and copy editor across dozens of titles in print, online and magazine.
  • My experience writing everything from punchy front-page stories and opinion commentary to long-form corporate profiles and features has gifted me with the skill to write in different registers.
  • My journalism and interviewing skills help me to find your story and identify the best medium for telling it.
  • I have a large network of business contacts that I draw upon as interviewees for blogs or e-books.
  • When you hire me, you work directly with me. That means I attend every call, write every word and I don’t sub-contract work (except to my VA).
  • E-books
  • Website copy
  • Case studies
  • Blogs

My background notes

Don’t worry. This is not the part where I bore you with details of my early love of words or my enthusiasm for the local library. But there are a few things you may like to know:

  • I was awarded the John Burton Cadetship Scholarship
    in Journalism at 18, which allowed me to study at Bond University while working as a cadet at The Gold Coast Bulletin. 
  • After graduation, I was awarded a spot in Fairfax’s (now Nine) journalism traineeship program, where I worked for four years on The Sun-Herald newspaper in Sydney.
  • Over the next 15 years, I covered courts and finance for Australian Associated Press (AAP) newswire. Later I worked as an online sub-editor and headline writer in London: first for The Telegraph and later for The Guardian’s news and money sections.
  • When I returned to Melbourne, I edited sections and wrote headlines for The Sunday Herald Sun and The Weekly Times newspapers.

In 2021, I joined the board of Australian Book Review (ABR) and I am also a regular opinion writer for The Guardian. I live in Melbourne with my husband and exciteable dog, Betsy (aka: office manager/voice of reason).

Hosier Lane, Melbourne

Listen to my commentary on 'Cancel Culture' via ABC's Radio National

who i commonly work with

Does this sound like you?

01. I Want a website that pinpoints our X-factor

You have a strong success story and a clearly defined business, but your website gets lost in the crowd and doesn’t play to your strengths or highlight how you’re different. You may also wonder: does SEO matter?

02. I want an e-book but I don’t have time

You want to build your email list and know that a compelling e-book would be a great long-term investment, but you don’t know what to write about or what topic will attract the most downloads from your audience.

03. I want to make the most of CUSTOMER testimonials

You understand that your clients’ five-star reviews are a powerful sales tool, but you need a journalist to interview your success stories, dig deep into the detail and write compelling case studies that convert to leads.

StoryBridge processes. Photo by:


The bridging process

Step one: free initial Zoom call

We will spend roughly 30 minutes discussing your website, e-book, or case study copy needs to see if we are a good fit. I will ask you a few questions to ascertain what your copy problems are, what you are hoping to achieve, and how I can help.

Step two: finding the story

Once the deposit has been paid, the research phase begins as we formulate your unique selling point, the audience, where  they are at in the buying cycle and the best medium to tell your story. If we decide on a series of case studies then I will proceed to interview your selected customers or clients, while in the case of web copy or e-books then the research phase takes place over a second Zoom call, in which I dig deep into your business and formulate a bang-on copy strategy.

Step three: the work

Now I have all the information at my finger tips, it’s full-steam ahead with the copywriting, as I draw on all of the information  to deliver concise copy, in the right tone of voice and optimised for SEO. You will also receive an update each Friday so you never have to wonder how the project is progressing.

Step four: hit send

The copy will be delivered, with a complimentary round of edits, for any last-minute changes before we hit send. I will stay in touch to track progress and answer any queries.

StoryBridge copywriting is proud to be a designated cliche-free space™. This means you will be spared the corporate jargon language (ideation; blue-sky thinking; high-level learnings), legalese, or other nonsensical gobbledygook that ruins perfectly good copy.